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Also indoor speed practice tonight Cavalier Family Skating Center 7pm, warmup at 630! ...

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Outdoor practice today Cap2Cap 6pm! ...

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Outdoor practice Cap2Cap 6pm! ...

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Indoor speed practice tonight Cavalier Family Skating Center 7pm! ...

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New Safe Sport/Criminal Background Check policies announcement.

Effective today, April 15th the new policies through the US Center for Safe Sport and the United States Olympic Committee, regarding Safe Sport compliance specific to training and minor athlete abuse prevention practices, along with new Criminal Background Check requirements take effect.

Knowing there will be a lot of questions regarding the changes, USA Roller Sports Executive Director, Eric Steele will go Live on Facebook via the main USA Roller Sports Facebook page Wednesday, April 17th, 11:00 AM Central Time Zone to highlight the new requirements and to answer some frequently asked questions along with questions from membership at that time regarding the changes.

To see the new policies regarding Safe Sport you may follow this link:

The new Criminal Background Check Policies will include the following:

USOC Background Check Policy
Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does the USOC have a background check program?
USOC is committed to the safety of athletes and participants involved in the Olympic and Paralympic movements and is requiring background screens in order to:
• Foster a safe environment at the Olympic, Paralympic, Pan American, Parapan American, Youth Olympic Games, Olympic Training Centers and Training Sites.
• Create a safe living, training, and competition environment for athletes and other individuals associated with the Olympic and Paralympic movements.
• Protect persons at risk, including but not limited to minors and vulnerable adults.

2. Who is required to complete a background check?

• All USOC Employees
• Coaches
• Independent Contractors
• Board Members
• Task Force Members
• Individuals placed with the USOC as part of an academic program
• Individuals credentialed by USOC to work with athletes or sport participants at an Olympic Training Center or delegation event
• All individuals Olympic Training Sites formally authorize, approve, or appoint to (a) serve in a position of authority over or (b) have regular contact with athletes.
• All athletes, alternates, training partners, guides 18 years of age or older that are selected to participate in delegation events and that train at any Olympic Training Center and/or Training Site.
• Individuals affiliated with the media who are authorized or credentialed by the USOC to access a Training Center or attend a delegation event and may have unsupervised one-on-one interactions with athletes.
• Third-party vendors/contractors that are (a) in a position of authority over or (b) in a regular contact with athletes.

3. Who will be performing the background checks?
The USOC has selected the National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI), to perform all USOC background checks. NCSI is a full-service screening organization that works in accordance with the Recommended Guidelines established by the National Council of Youth Sports. NCSI is accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners.
All information received shall be kept private and protected according to federal regulations. Individuals who login to perform their background check will be advised in writing prior to the background check and be required to authorize such background check.
4. When conducting a background check what information will I be asked to provide?

You will be asked to provide the following information to NCSI:

• Social Security number (required for verification purposes; the background check will not be submitted or completed without this information)
• Legal first and last name, as it appears on a government issued ID (state issued Driver’s License, State issued ID, or Passport)
• Date of birth
• Address history (including city, state, zip code, county, and years of residency)
• Gender
• Contact Information (e-mail address and phone number)
• (Optional) Upload of Government issued ID at time of registration

5. With the current concerns about privacy and identity theft, why do we use social security numbers?

Background checks based on name, date of birth, address history, and Social Security number (SSN) are standard throughout the background screening industry. These are the key identifiers used to search national and county criminal databases.

NCSI must follow federal regulation to manage and protect this information. NCSI will not share your SSN with the USOC.

6. How do I check the status of my background check or obtain a copy of my check?

You can check the status of your background screen and obtain a copy of your screen by going to NCSI does not provide a verbal status of background checks. You will also receive an email from when your screen is completed, please allow 10 business days for background screen to be completed.
7. What searches does the background check include?
The background check includes:
• Social Security number validation;
• Name and address history records
• Two independent Multi-Jurisdictional Criminal Database searches covering 50 states plus Washington D.C., Guam, and Puerto Rico;
• Federal District Courts search for each name used and district where the individual currently lives or has lived during the past seven years, going back the length of time records are available and reportable;
• County Criminal records for each name used and county where the individual currently lives or has lived during the past seven years, going back the length of time records are available and reportable for each county searched;
• Two Sex Offender Registry database searches of all available states, plus DC, Guam, and Puerto Rico;
• Multiple National Watch Lists;
• U.S. Center for SafeSport Disciplinary records;
• Comprehensive International records search for individuals who have lived outside of the United States for six consecutive months in any one country, during the past seven years;
• Motor Vehicle records of at least a 3-year history in the state of licensure; (if driving is required for position);
• Education verification and final degree received (one time only, on initial screening if required for position; USOC only);
• Credit History Check (for USOC Executive Team members and USOC employees who work in Finance or Audit; USOC only);
• Professional License/Certification verification for certain medical roles;
• And a partial background check after 12 months that includes: Multi-Jurisdictional Criminal Database; Sex Offender Registry Database; and U.S. Center for SafeSport Disciplinary records.

8. What offenses does the USOC background check look for?

• Any felony; and
• Any misdemeanor involving:
o All sexual crimes, criminal offenses of a sexual nature to include but not limited to; rape, child molestation, sexual battery, lewd conduct, possession and distribution of child pornography, possession and distribution of obscene material, prostitution, indecent exposure, public indecency, and any sex offender registrant;
o Any drug related offenses;
o Harm to a minor, including, but not limited to, offenses such as child abandonment, child endangerment/neglect/abuse, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and DUI with a minor;
o Violence against a person (including crimes involving firearms and domestic violence);
o Stalking, harassment, blackmail, violation of a protection order, and/or threats;
o Destruction of property, including arson, vandalism, and criminal mischief; and
o Animal abuse, cruelty, or neglect.
Driving Privileges:
o No valid driver’s license (expired or lack of license);
o Suspended or revoked driver's license;
o More than two moving violations and/or accidents in the prior two years;
o A conviction for a major moving violation within the prior two years, including, but not limited to: DUI/DWI, possession of an open container, any drug-related motor vehicle incident, leaving the scene of an accident, assault (in any form) by use of a motor vehicle, and reckless driving (willful or wanton disregard for safety of persons or property in any form);
o Pending traffic offenses; and
o An individual being under 21 years of age.

9. What offenses result in an automatic USOC Review Panel?
The USOC Review Panel will determine if and to what degree an individual will be affiliated with the USOC, granted access to an Olympic Training Center, or be permitted to participate in a delegation event for any felony involving:

• Violence against a person within the previous ten (10) years;
• Violent crimes involving weapons (including armed robbery and aggravated assault with a weapon) within the previous ten (10) years; and
• Animal abuse, cruelty or neglect.

As well as any felony or misdemeanor involving:
• All sexual crimes and criminal offenses of a sexual nature to include, but not limited to: rape, child molestation, sexual battery, lewd conduct, possession or distribution of child pornography, possession and distribution of obscene material, and any sex offender registrant (excluding prostitution, indecent exposure, and public indecency);
• Drug offenses including: drug distribution, intent to distribute, manufacturing, trafficking, or sale within the previous seven (7) years (excluding crimes for drug use or possession); and
• Harm to a minor, including, but not limited to: offenses such as child abandonment, child endangerment/neglect/abuse, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, providing alcohol to a minor, and DUI with a minor.

10. If my background check returns information that requires a USOC Review Panel how will I be notified?

You will be notified by the USOC Legal Department and they will work with you to set up a specific date and time. You can participate via telephone conference call if you are not in Colorado Springs. You have the right to be represented by legal counsel at the hearing. The Review Panel will communicate its findings to the individual and to the individual’s Responsible Sport Organization.

11. Can I appeal that decision?

If the individual disagrees with the finding of the Review Panel, they may appeal the decision by filing a demand for arbitration with the American Arbitration Association (AAA). A decision rendered by the AAA shall be final and binding.

12. What if I still have questions after reading the USOC Background Check Policy and this FAQs?

Please contact

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